Switchboard upgrade

switchboard upgrade

Does your older home need a switchboard upgrade?

It is important to check if your older home needs a switchboard upgrade.

Your switchboard basically connects electricity from the street to your home. It is the hub of all that electrical power that you rely on.

There are several signs that you may need a switchboard upgrade.

If your house is old, you may have black or grey wiring, ceramic fuses and an asbestos switchboard. These do not meet current Australian standards.

Older switchboards weren’t designed to cope with much more than a fridge and a washing machine. Dishwashers, computers and PlayStations can overload these boards.

Adding extra electrical power outlets to your home, using power boards or lots of double adaptors can also put strain on your board.

Are your circuit breakers tripping, fuses blowing or lights flickering for no known reason? What about strange buzzing noises coming from your switchboard?

Does plugging in appliances give you a mild electric shock?

For safe switchboard installation,

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What to expect from a switchboard upgrade

A switchboard upgrade is dangerous work and therefore must be done by a licenced and qualified electrician.

The job depends on how many circuits you have, how many of them require RCD (residual-current device, also known as trip switches) protection and if the electricity supply and meters need to be disconnected.

Another factor to consider are whether you want your consumer mains upgraded at the same time.

In a switchboard upgrade, we replace all ceramic fuses with safe, modern circuitry breakers and RCDs. We enclose them with rewiring and tidying of all cables.

We then test the entire installation.

Upon request, we can also install smart meters and new service fuses and replace corroded electrodes and asbestos panels.

If you need a reliable and trustworthy switchboard upgrade that is compliant with current Australian standards, call the team at Switch Safe Electrical on 1300 286 596

Why choose Switch Safe Electrical

Over ten years of electrical experience makes us hard to beat when it comes to switchboard upgrades. All work and materials meet or exceed Australian Standards.

Our team is constantly retraining and re-educating themselves. We keep up to date with the Australian electrical wiring rules and standards that are constantly updated every few years.

You won’t need to wait all day as we arrive on time and always call 30 minutes before to let you know we are on our way.

Switch Safe Electrical team members are licensed and qualified. They arrive at your home, fully screened, with backgrounds checked, insured, WHS legislation compliant and in uniform.

We are known for our excellent customer service and competitive rates.

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