Electrical Contractor

electrical contractor

Are you looking for an electrical contractor near you?

SwitchSafe Electrical is your local electrical contractor servicing the Campbelltown area and Greater Western Sydney.

What is an electrical contractor?

Electrician, electrical contractor – they’re the same thing, right? Not quite!
An electrician is someone who is licensed to work in the area of electrical services under the Australian Standards.

Electricians are not allowed to work for themselves or invoice customers – they must be employed by an electrical contractor.

Residential electrical contractors have completed further training and now have a contractor’s licence. They can work as a sole operator or employ others.
For any type of project, always employ an electrical contractor as they have the qualifications and more experience to handle a greater variety of jobs. They may also have a team to assist with larger jobs around the home.

How do you tell the difference? Ask to see their license.

If you are looking for a residential electrical contractor near you, give the team at SwitchSafe Electrical a call on 1300 286 596

What does a contractor do

For new builds, a contractor can connect your building to the grid and wire your entire premises. For older or renovated buildings, re-wiring is an available option.

If you have a home, office or warehouse, you will need an experienced contractor at some stage.

All buildings need light and we can install new light fittings, LED lights, dimmer switches and lighting for garden ponds and pools. We are also a pool electrician providing equipotential earthing for swimming pools.

Replacing old power points and installing new ones with safety switches is a common task.

Other features such as installing ceiling and exhaust fans, home automation, smoke detectors and alarms are also part of what a residential contractor near you can do.

Licensed electrical contractors can also install your home theatre and TVs.

They also repair electrical appliances and fittings.

For a trustworthy electrical contractor near you, call the team at SwitchSafe on 1300 286 596

Why hire SwitchSafe Electrical

SwitchSafe Electrical team members arrive at your home licensed and qualified, fully screened, with checked backgrounds, insured, WHS legislation compliant and in uniform.

One of our electricians will give you a call 30 minutes before they arrive to let you know we are on our way.

We don’t leave a mess behind. We even mop the floors around where we have been working.

Our team members consistently retrain and educate themselves with Australia’s constantly updating electrical wiring rules and standards.

When you are looking for a residential electrical contractor near you, consider our more than ten years of electrical experience, excellent customer service and competitive rates.

For all your electrical contractor work call the team at SwitchSafe Electrical today 1300 286 596